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Green Creations holds a reputable position in the South African landscape design industry and is also a Principal Member of SALI (South African Landscapers Institute), delivering multi-award-winning projects for nearly three decades.

We offer extensive full-service landscaping solutions and work closely with each client to understand their personal style requirements, handling
 each project with a tailored approach to landscape design.

“For us it’s not just as simple as providing our clients with a garden. Our goal is to reconnect them with nature, with the outdoors, with a backdrop for cherished memories” 

From the initial drawing board to design consultations to the sourcing of materials and installation, every aspect of the project is handled with care and attention to detail. The result is a lush and functional outdoor space that enhances the beauty of the surrounding environment and provides years of enjoyment for our clients. Our hands-on approach results in highly liveable and beautiful spaces.

Green Creations was founded by talented horticulturalist Michelle Seddon in 1999 and is now led by architectural landscape designer, Ursula Phillips, who works with a handful of in-house horticulturalists and designers as well as a valuable network of professionals including architects, irrigation experts, interior designers, and construction engineers.

In 2021, a notable transition took place at Green Creations Landscaping as it gracefully entered its second generation. This shift marked an important milestone, symbolizing the company’s commitment to adaptability and growth. With profound respect for the company’s legacy, the team eagerly embraced the opportunity to build upon the solid foundation laid by its visionary founder.

Ursula and her dedicated team of professionals personally oversee each project to ensure its smooth implementation. The finest quality plants are sourced from registered growers nationwide and undergo strict quality control.

Green Creations is based in Gauteng and service areas across Sandton and Midrand. We also offer architectural designs across the country.

Green Creations are the top-notch choice for clients looking for the very best in landscape design and installations.

Architectural Landscape Drawings

Our team of experienced designers utilizes the latest technology to bring your vision to life. We provide detailed architectural landscape…

Garden Installation

Our team of skilled landscapers and gardeners undertake the installation process with utmost precision and meticulous attention to detail. Beginning with thorough…

Garden Renovation and Revitalization

Is your garden in need of a makeover? Our experts are here to help bring new life to your outdoor space. From re-designing and rejuvenating existing garden beds…


During a consultation with Green Creations Landscaping, we will show you various ways to create a modern, environmentally friendly space, explain how to control…

Seasonal Flower and Plant Rotation

A well-designed garden should change and evolve with the seasons. Our team offers seasonal flower and plant rotation services to ensure…

Indigenous Garden Design

Indigenous planting is Green Creations speciality! Our design team will work to create a garden that is both beautiful and sustainable, using South African…

Water Features

Water features such as fountains, ponds, and streams can add a calming and serene element to any garden. Our team offers expert…

Wildflower and Meadow Installation

A wildflower or meadow garden can bring an element of natural beauty to your outdoor space. Our team offers wildflower and meadow…

Irrigation System Installation and Maintenance

An efficient and effective irrigation system is critical to the health and longevity of your garden. Our team works alongside some of the…

Turf and Lawn Installation and Care

Adding a lush and verdant lawn to an outdoor space to create a comfortable and inviting area for outdoor activities. This service…

Principal Member of SALI

To improve the image and standing of the landscape industry and to promote the participation of all role-players in this industry in southern Africa by encouraging training, higher standards, professionalism, ethical conduct and social interaction through regular meetings, conferences, workshops and liaison with business, training and government institutions, statutory bodies, N.G.O’s, employer and employee organisations.

SALI Awards of Excellence

2023 Double Gold Award of Excellence

For: House Michael
Category: Landscape Construction with In-House Design

2021 Silver Award of Excellence

For: Private Residence – Northcliff 
Category: Landscape Construction with In-House Design

2019 Gold Award of Excellence

For: Thompsons Travel House
Category: Landscape Construction with In-House Design


 Browse through a few of our projects. We offer landscaping design in an array of styles, from formal & manicured to wild and indigenous or modern & contemporary.

What Our Clients Say


Green Creations worked on a layout for a pavement area when I was living in Cedar Lakes. They suggested many ideas based on rough input from me and produced a beautiful, easy to manage pavement garden.

I have since moved into a new Retirement Village and I asked Green Creations to come along and give me ideas for a small garden which was a building site and full of building rubble. Their approach to the preparation of the ground/area as a necessity for a good garden has really paid off and my garden looks as though it has been established for many years, when in fact it has only been 18 months since Green Creations has worked on it.

Green Creations enthusiasm, attention to detail, reliability and above average service delivery is fantastic!

Elaine Gladstone


Very happy with everything, thank you! We are so so happy with the work you have done for us.  I won’t hesitate to recommend you to friends.

I spend a lot of time sitting outside and just enjoying everything.



The garden at my new home was in a really sorry state. Green Creations came in a few days before I moved in and two days later it had been transformed from an eyesore into a work of art!

The neighbours watched in great fascination (or perhaps it was trepidation!) as all the lawn and most of the miserable plants were removed, but they have all expressed their amazement at the transformation in such a short space of time. I can now say that I have the best garden in the village, which provides me with hours of enjoyment.

 Mrs Zwaneveld


Beautiful designs and practical suggestions expertly done by friendly and professional staff. Highly recommended.

 Barbera McGregor


What a great professional service, staff are all friendly and sublime to work with. Great ideas and very creative insights into the overall design to create a very aesthetically pleasing landscape.

Brandon Phillips

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